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Who is a great fit with our firm?

The best fit is for people who want straight talk, honest answers, professional assistance with managing their money, and for those who want to work with a firm that adheres to a frugal, transparent operation.

Meetings and our office location

The majority of our meetings are conducted away from our physical office. We welcome the opportunity to visit by phone, by internet teleconference, or to connect with you in the convenience of your home or office. While we are located in the heart of America, we are proud to have clients from Washington to New York and from California to Florida call us their advisor.

Keeping informed

As our client, you have a variety of options for staying connected with us. We offer updates directly to you and also through e-mail, Facebook, Linkedin, our website, and periodic letters.

Client examples:

The following are hypothetical situations based on real-life experiences.

Husband and wife who retired in their mid to upper 50s after successful careers in corporate culture. Both wanted to design a plan for the decades ahead that would balance the need for income while maintaining their wealth. They live on the east coast, but enjoy traveling the world.

Retired couple, both in their 80s, wanting professional assistance with managing their finances after doing it themselves for the past half century. They are currently contemplating moving to another state to be closer to their children, who themselves are nearing retirement.

Mid-career business executive asks us to plan, implement, and monitor her portfolio to align with her goals.

Office: 8:30 - 3:00
Appointments: 8:00 - 7:00